40 Cool Ideas How To Recycle Wine Bottles

Wine bottles come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and they are made by many varied qualities such things that are versatile in regards to upcycling or repurposing. I was rather taken aback when I came to understand just how many creative and fascinating ways you can use these Wine bottles that were empty, be it for pure décor or something practical.

An empty wine bottle makes an excellent vase or ornamentation piece by itself, so here are a few excellent suggestions for decorating the bottle itself.

Hanging Lights


wine bottles crafts

Pretty and how straight forward is this? Choose wine bottles or recycled beer of contour, size, and similar color, place a little light inside each onewasand hang them in the ceiling. This distinguishing appearance would be an excellent improvement into a beach or cottage house. Get the Complete instructions on DIYNetwork.

Wonderful Lace


wine bottles crafts

This kind of difference can be made by lovely Lace. Adding a little lace to the bottom of your bottle! And I simply adore the appearance of the paint that is dripping inside, also. this kind of ideas looks beautiful on the wedding table. Get the Complete instructions on HostessWithTheMostess


Outdoor Lighting Ideas


wine bottles crafts

How does one enjoy this clever use for a vintage bottle? Clamp empty wine bottles to wall or a fence near your outside deck or veranda. Outfit the bottle -established light if not a candle for a lively outside light that can cast a nice glow.  Get Inspired TheACVNShop.


Citronella Tiki Torche


wine bottles crafts


when you’re loving a barbecue outside these tiki torches seem great outdoors.

Get the Complete instructions on TheArmchairSommelier

Bottle Artwork 


wine bottles crafts

Amazingly, this stained glass panel is made from wine bottles undersides that were upcycled. To design your own custom panel, select an array of colors, designs, and bottle sizes, then cut off the underside of each bottle. Order the undersides in a design that is pleasant, then hang your creation on the wall as artwork or in a window.

Get the Complete instructions on DANIEL MAHER STAINED GLASS

Chandelier styles 


wine bottles crafts

If you enjoy everything to be tidy and uniform then you certainly can use precisely the same kinds of wine bottles, but I favor the combination and match fashion of colors and distinct shapes.

Get the Complete instructions on DIYNetwork

Rolled Bottle Vases


wine bottles crafts

Beginning at the bottom, wind the yarn snugly so no glass shows and paste it in place. Either leave is or paints it. Select twine for a rustic appearance.

Get the Complete instructions on art ideas crafts

Picture Frame


wine bottles crafts

Photo Frames Placing your photographs that are prized in wine bottles is this type of creative way to show them, and you’ll be able to add your own small mementos to personalize it. There are all those other interesting ways to present your pictures, so dump the frameworks and attempt something different.
Get the Complete instructions on stylisheve

Bottle Shelves For Books 


wine bottles crafts

Elbow grease, some scrap wood, a drill, varnish, and a couple of wine bottles are all you’ll build this new shelving For Books

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Small Light Lamp



Light Lamp Get you a set of string lights that are affordable, drill a hole shove on the lights in there, and voilà! Only make sure you use LED lights that do won’t heat.

Get the Complete instructions on Wit&Whistle

Bird Feeder Bottle 


wine bottles craftswine bottles crafts

Got old wine bottles and several hours to spare? collect some bottle and make this kind of bird feeder at yourself.

Get the Complete instructions on garden roof-coop.

Chandelier Lighting 

A chandelier doesn’t constantly be a costly fixture. Take a look at the following pictures to see how their individual chandeliers were made by some folks through the use of lots of creative genius and free wine bottles.

For More Creative Ideas 21 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas!



wine bottles crafts


wine bottles crafts


Wine Bottle Lamps


wine bottles crafts

wine bottles crafts

How’s this for a simple yet enchanting candle range? Simply slit the underside off pop each, and make a beautiful centerpiece.

Get the Complete instructions on idlights

Page Wine

wine bottles craftswine bottles crafts

DecoupageThis is a job that is very easy, and only look how amazing it seems! I adore the map idea, particularly if you’re searching for a special present for a buddy that is globetrotting, but you could use a wedding invitation, sheets of music out of your favorite tune, or anything with some specific significance.

Get the Complete instructions on KarenKavett

Wine Lamp


wine bottles crafts

wine bottles crafts

Besides chandeliers, wine bottles may also be used while going to see in the pictures below to make custom table or floor lamps. The truth is, creating a lamp is not even more difficult than creating a chandelier that may typically need work, time and more bottles to allow it to be safe and completely operational.

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Garden Bottle Edging  


wine bottles crafts
Lark Kulikowski’s blue border

Buy some wine Bottle of the same colour for your garden to looks beautiful. Bottles of any color would appear just as stunning, although this example uses merely cobalt blue glass.

Get the Complete instructions on fleamarketgardening

Wine Bottles For Plants


wine bottles crafts

it’s an easy method to create wonderful, long-lasting and professional looking effects on glass containers. It’s not considerably more difficult than it seems! Clean your wine bottle off after which etch the words of your choosing. On Living Good Spending fewer directions.

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Chalk Painted Wine Bottles 


wine bottles crafts

It were made from clay as well as cement chalk Paint A great layer of chalk paint can completely transform your wine bottles from looking like glass. I simply love the sleek how simple it’s to accomplish that effect.

Get the Complete instructions on HomeForNow



Wine Bottles Decorative Idea






wine bottle hanging lamp


wine bottles crafts

Here are many ideas to something make different from wine bottle first u have to decide what u want to make and where you place it this is very necessary to your satisfaction there are many ways to make different and beautiful centerpiece for empty wine bottle

Get the Complete instructions on HomeMyDesign

Wine Bottles Wall Idea

wine bottles wall

wine bottles

This job will undoubtedly need a little more work as opposed to others here you can Get easily Ideas about wall design with empty wine bottles.

Get the Complete instructions on – Hometalk

Empity Wine Vases

wine bottleswine bottles

the way to make this type of vases is very easy you just hang the vine bottle on the board after wash put one flower in it to Look Beautiful.

Get the Complete instructions on SavedByLoveCreations

Wine Jar

wine bottles

it’s a smart idea use your bottles as jars for little things like skittles, M&Ms, as well as rice or beans. it looks different.

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